– Miscellaneous articles and musings –
Buttermere and abandoned mine near Castle Crag. - Dec 2016
Iceland. - Nov 2016
Learning to be a bladesmith at Stepney City Farm with the Green Wood Guild. Forging a blade, carving the handle and weaving a sheath. - Sep 2016
Must be stormy at home, @GrisedalePike Tingbot app is spitting out belters :) - Sep 2016
Using album artwork data to manipulate relief and colour of a 3D form. Sgt. Peppers, Dark Side of the Moon, Unkown Pleasures, Aladdin Sane, Andy Warhol, 21, Thriller, Blur, Lemonade. - Aug 2016
Experimenting with some C4D sub-pixel displacement. - Aug 2016
Texture mapping. - Aug 2016
Ascending Scafell from Borrowdale side via Corridor Route. - Jul 2016
Kindle-hacking work-in-progress displaying @GrisedalePike feed and refreshing. - Jul 2016
Knarly. - Jun 2016
Another face in a place. Robert the radio belting out a bit of Howlin' Wolf. Brought to life with a mini projector and bit of Quartz Composer :) - Apr 2016
This years Secret Seven submission for Etta James' 'At Last'. - Mar 2016
Landform early test prints looking spot on. A lot of care needed to get the tolerance just right with the contour lines. - Nov 2015
Top 10 on Product Hunt! - Nov 2015
Back to basics playing with clay. - Nov 2015
Love teaching - especially Digital Media Management Masters students at Hyper Island in Manchester. Lessons in customer loyalty and experience design. - Sep 2015
Photo-taking-photo-taking-photo. - Aug 2015
I love Carlisle t-shirts still selling apparently... - May 2015
Yup... that's a sharks head! - May 2015
A simple bookcase / arm rest designed to provide a home for a growing pile of books whilst making an armless sofa a bit more practical. Built over a long-weekend back north in Cumbria. The bookrest is made of locally sourced Elm, hand-made in my brothers workshop. - Apr 2015
Pun-tastic papers back home. - Sep 2014